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Brothers using their Train at Home Kit t

MCO Classes

Learning Choi Kwang Do online can be a healthy and fun aspect of a family's routine during lockdown.  We have a range of options including group zoom classes, one-to-one zoom classes, Train At Home Kits for offline practice as well as our YouTube videos to follow along.

In a class or at home... Life is Better with CHOICES.

Having CHOICES helps during the MCO

One of the biggest challenges during the MCO is regulating our mood. Often when you feel bad, you’re not aware of it and that can lead to behaviours that are negative.  Spending so much time with your immediate family means that they are more easily affected by your negative behaviours.  If we can help one person in the family during lockdown, then we’re helping the whole family.

Not only do the exercises release endorphins into the body which boosts one's mood, Choi Kwang Do facilitates mindfulness and body awareness. Training with CHOICES, we become more grounded and aware of our movement, thoughts, feelings and actions

Starting online is easy for adults, teens and children of about age eight and above.   We’ve also developed a “Train at Home Kit” so that young children can benefit from Choi Kwang Do without additional screen time.

Book a 20 minute "mood booster"

It's been a tough year let's make it through together.  Free online sessions are available for the wider community with no commitment and no charge.

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